Thing 19-YouTube and TeacherTube

I spent several hours watching videos on YouTube and TeacherTube and enjoyed funny videos about teaching as well as instructional videos about teaching, math, and marketing. There are SO many videos available now and any topic I checked had thousands available to watch so I imagine the key is the filter the topic to have a better chance to find a relevant video. Some of them are very professional, with music and sound while others are more amateurish and very unsuitable for students and most others so I know we have to be very careful with using YouTube. TeacherTube appears to be an excellent resource to use to access information to use in the classroom. I feel that YouTube and TeacherTube can be exceptional resources, used well, in the classroom to add variety and diversity to the lessons. One video, which I found in TeacherTube , is a cute video about fractions done by a young teacher which would appeal to many students-

P.S. I took a break from the lesson and watched a YouTube video of Paul Mccartney singing and being honored last night at the White House!

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