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While I considered quite a few of the online tools and will probably use one or more in the future, I chose to explore for several reasons. Yesterday, it was mentioned in the K12 Conference I listened to, my daughter wants to develop a website this summer for her jewelry business and many students and teachers benefit from having and sharing their own websites. In exploring the site, I examined the 70+ customized designs, the features available for free and the choices where there is a cost,  the frequently asked questions, and the support tab. All of the information is very thorough and written in a basic manner so it is very helpful to the novice who wants to develop a website. One can add videos, pictures, maps and texts to the site and can sell products, include a contact form and an RSS feed-all by using “drag and drop.” No advertising is allowed to clutter the free site and one can use their own domain or reserve a new domain through weebly. Social features include a weekly blog from the founders where users can comment, as well as a social feature where a user can suggest new features, and can sign up for an RSS feed. I am looking forward to setting up a website for my class, and for my business and have already shared the link with my daughter so she can use it for her business. I am so excited about that they may want to use me in an ad!!

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  1. Donna,
    The tool you used sounds great. There are so many to explore…I will have to leave that assignment for tomorrow. Very time-consuming! Are you and I the only ones out there posting?????
    I have appreciated all your comments. My blog is

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